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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Randy Roszell Principal
JoAnn Blachford Assistant Principal
Marg Hansen Counsellor
Cindy Brost Administrative Assistant
Sheila Paul Administrative Assistant
Laurie Roszell  Administrative Assistant 
Susan Turnbull Librarian
John Allen Technical Support


Name Subject
Georgia Atkins Physical Education, Science
Mary-Anne Aubin 9 ENG, Social Studies, Drama
Caitlin Bergeron 8 FI, Social Studies
Francis Blais 9 FI, Math
Bonnie Bosworth Physical Education, Foods & Fashion
Jacqueline Brown Math, Science, English Language Arts
Mary Ann Bussière 8 FI, French Language Arts
Katharine Campbell 8 ENG, Social Studies
Derek Corse 789 Behaviour Improvement Program
Andrea Daly 7/8 AC, English Language Arts, Art
Coral Ferrari 7 FI, Social Studies
Brandon Girard 8 FI, Social Studies
Megan Girard 8 FI, Math
Megan Hagerty Life Skills Opportunity Program
Natalie Hansen 7 FI, Science, Math
Brandyn Helgason 8 ENG, English Language Arts

Marie Jahner 7 ENG, Science
Grant Kolodychuk 8 LAC, English Language Arts, Social Studies
Andrea Kosyk 9 FI, English Language Arts
Chad Krayenhoff French Language Arts
Michelle Lamble 7/8 Late FI, French Language Arts, Math
Michelle Lutic Opportunity Program, Literacy
Jean Bosco Mouafo 7 FI, Science, Math
Leticia Nadler 9 FI, French Language Arts
Craig Nowell 8/9 K&E, Math, Science, Industrial Arts
Nancy O'Shea 7 FI, English Language Arts
Simon Pagé  Social Studies 
Kevin Pansegrau  789 PACE Program, Math, Physical Education
Ryan Parker  Physical Education, Social Studies 
Natika Pigeon  9 FI, Science, Math
Justin Pysar 7 LAC, English Language Arts, Social Studies
Joe Reid  9 ENG, Math
Amber Ruffell  789 PACE Program, Social Studies
Craig Savich  7 ENG, Science, Math
Ellen Snaith  9 AC, English Language Arts, Social Studies
Matt Wilson  9 LAC, Math
Brad Wolter  Physical Education
Dianne Worthington  Band, Physical Education

Support Staff

Name Title
Cathy Alward Educational Assistant
Mariela Bachynsky Educational Assistant
Tracey Blais Educational Assistant
Joanne Bornowsky Educational Assistant
Marwa Elmorshedy Educational Assistant
Threasa Godin Educational Assistant
Jennifer Gunn Educational Assistant
Jacintha Gurash Educational Assistant
Lee-Ann Kalen Educational Assistant
Michelle Kennett Educational Assistant
Dawn Madill Educational Assistant
Charlene Marklund Educational Assistant


Sir George Simpson Junior High School