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Our teachers are ready to share their own passion for Literature, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics with your children.


Awarded to all students who have achieved an average of 80% in core subjects and a mark of S, Pf or E in option courses.

Reporting your child's progress

It is very important for all parents to remain informed about their child's progress in all areas. In addition to many other teacher-initiated means of communication, progress reports and report cards will be sent home in the course of the year. These are very important documents and all parents are invited to keep the following dates in mind.

Term I

Progress report updates on PowerSchool
October 27 & 28, 2021 Parent-Teacher Interviews
January 31 Term I Report cards

Term II
  Progress report updates on PowerSchool
March 22 & 23, 2022 Parent-Teacher Interviews
June 30 Term II Report cards

The progress report is an update on your child's achievement in each subject. It provides information on each of the assignments, exams, etc. If an assignment is not completed, the comment "incomplete" will appear on the progress report and the parents will be informed. Within reasonable time limits, students are always allowed to complete missing assignments to improve their mark. At the time of the report card, incomplete assignments will be accounted as zero.

The progress report is available to be seen online through PowerSchool. Parents can contact the office to obtain instructions to create an account.

The report card is a summary of your child's progress. It indicates the final percentage obtained in each subject. The report card is a very important document. It is kept in your child's cumulative file and it is used to determine your child's program placement, as well as high school placement. In each of the core subjects, the report card is broken down in the following categories to determine the final mark in each subject:

Term I 50%
Term II 50%
Sir George Simpson Junior High School