Visual Arts

What is necessary to do well in art is a good attitude, a willingness to try new things, good listening skills, good teamwork skills, and a sense of exploration and curiosity to individually meet project requirements.

Art provides the opportunity for students to experience a different atmosphere from the standard classroom settings. It can be fun, relaxing, hands-on, messy, exciting, social, and many other potentially new and sometimes out of the ordinary experiences

Art students will use a variety of media, such as

  • pencil
  • graphite
  • charcoal
  • chalk
  • pastels
  • tempera
  • acrylic
  • ink

Draw from observation and expressively from memory and imagination.

Create sculptures using

  • clay
  • cardboard
  • papier-maché
  • fabric
  • wire
  • wood

Students will discuss and exhibited in various spaces in the school and the community.