Technology Option

Technology is an engaging option where students get to explore a variety of media and get creative with their applications. Students learn to be responsible digital citizens while developing their skills in areas such as: photography, video production, coding, audio recording and more.

Technology takes advantage of a wide array of equipment in order to reinforce concepts through hands-on group projects. Currently, Technology students have access to: Apple iMac work stations running a suite of media software, canon and Nikon dSLR cameras, digital video cameras, mobile gimbals, a green screen, tripods, wireless mics, and a sound mixing board.

Technology students also take on a leadership role within our school helping students and teachers make posters, slide shows, and short video productions for events throughout our school. Creativity, experimentation and cooperation are strongly encouraged in this option!

Other technology

At Simpson staff and students use technology where it is appropriate throughout the school day.  All classrooms are equipped with interactive smartboards, and students can be assigned computers as needed from our four mobile chromebook carts.  In addition, there are dedicated class sets of chromebooks for special needs classes, and both chromebooks and iPads are available in the library.  We also maintain a dedicated PC lab, with 30 Windows 10 computers that are in regular use during the day, and available for independent student use at lunchtime.