Drama 7 & 8

Drama 7 and 8 are both fun skill-based courses designed to stimulate the imagination, and to encourage personal growth.  Through the instruction of Movement, Speech, Improvisation, and Theatre Studies students will learn how to be perceptive viewers, poised speakers, and discerning listeners.  Students acquire skills in both the off-stage and on-stage process of performance, and in doing so discover in themselves:  responsibility, leadership, patience, and confidence.  No prerequisite is required to register other than an keen interest and a willingness to participate and try new things.  Students are expected to be able to work as individuals and with other groups members.

Play Production - Drama

Play Production 9 is a special course designed to provide students with the chance to challenge themselves in the area of play creation. Students will learn what it means to audition, prepare, and perform a play. The course runs throughout the regular school day, with the students presenting their final product in May, performing matinee and evening shows. The experience involves self-motivation and commitment while students take direction in blocking, line memorization, and acting technique, all with the ultimate reward of being a part of an amazing final production!