Sir George Simpson School Vision

Sir George Simpson School is blessed with a team of wonderful educators and support staff who truly live their commitment to our children. Our school is not a mere building where one goes to take courses; it is a community where we are all called to give the very best of ourselves. We are called to share our talents and our own gifts with our entire school population. Our school houses several programs: English, French Immersion, Academic Challenge, Learning Assistance, Opportunity, Knowledge and Employability, and Behaviour Improvement. How does this sharing of talents occur in a diverse environment such as our school?  While learning in their respective programs, all students are invited to rally around our school motto: “Spirit, Growth, Success” in both thought and deed.

SPIRIT: Courage, determination, enthusiasm, sharing, respect of self and others; this is SGS spirit. At Sir George Simpson School, spirit is celebrated and promoted as an important component of our character education program.

GROWTH: Growth is the process of becoming the very best you can be. At Sir George Simpson, we provide growth through a wide range of educational and recreational activities.

SUCCESS: At Sir George Simpson, we recognize that all students can experience success. At Sir George Simpson, we provide growth through a wide range of educational and recreational activities.

Over the last six years, one goal shared by all staff members has been to implement and renew our Character Education program. Over the course of the year, all students are given the opportunity to learn about six virtues identified as “Bear Spirit”: These virtues are Courage, Determination, Enthusiasm, Respect of Self, Respect of Others, and Sharing.  Through school assemblies, guest speakers, incentive programs, writing contests, literature study and other exciting activities, students were invited to “make a difference” by exemplifying these virtues. This program is a true success!  All students will continue to learn about the six virtues and we will provide further opportunities for all children to serve on many school-based, community and global projects.

You are invited to browse our website to learn more about our students’ achievement.