On behalf of all members of the learning community, I would like to welcome you to École Sir George Simpson Junior High School.

Sir George Simpson School is a vibrant, energetic school with an amazing student population that works, learns and celebrates success with the guidance and commitment of an amazing staff. School culture is one of pride and passion, and every single student is welcome and encouraged to become the best they can be, socially and academically. 

To help students develop, our school provides several programming opportunities: English, French Immersion, Late French Immersion, Academic Challenge, Learning Assistance, Opportunity, Knowledge and Employability, and Behaviour Improvement.  While learning in their respective programs, students and staff continually demonstrate their love of learning through three pillars of our school motto: “Spirit, Growth, Success”.


Courage, determination, enthusiasm, sharing, respect of self and others; this is SGS spirit.  At Sir George Simpson School, spirit is celebrated and promoted as an important component of our character education program.


Growth is the process of becoming the very best you can be.  At Sir George Simpson, we experience growth through a wide range of educational and recreational activities.


At Sir George Simpson, we recognize that all students can experience success.   Every single student is talented in their own way. We celebrate personal and collective success in all areas: academics, fine arts,  athletics and extra-curricular activities.

I invite you to explore our web site and to learn about our school!

Randy Roszell